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Net Revenue Strategy and Distribution for Hotels

Shaping the Future

Hi, I am Jens. I am passionate about growing net revenue and optimizing distribution cost for hotels and travel companies. 

There is a knowledge gap in the hospitality industry today when it comes to cost of distribution. Too many hoteliers are not aware of their own acquisition cost, let alone able to put strategies in place to drive profitable revenues. At the same time industry KPI’s such as RevPAR and RGI continues to misguide hoteliers worldwide by not taking into account channel mark-ups, merchant model bookings and channel costs. It is time for the hotel industry to look beyond book direct campaigns, see the full picture and grow their total net revenue. Whether you are interested to hear more (or in disagreement), I would love to chat.

My Purpose

Helping hotels close the digital gap

The distribution landscape is becoming increasingly more complex and the traditional hotel roles are changing. It doesn’t cut it anymore to assign “everything digital” to the Revenue Manager. A few years ago it was considered innovative for a hotel to have its own e-commerce manager –  today it is a requirement. The challenge is to find the right people and talent that is experienced and skilled enough to manage your digital needs and at the same time stay on top of trends and developments in a field that is changing and evolving constantly. My goal is to help hotels and travel companies fill that gap, whether that means a Net RevPAR implementation, channel analysis and audit or simply driving more direct bookings to the website.


Revenue Management and Distribution for some of the biggest hotel brands including Accor, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Hilton, Hyatt and Radisson Hotel Group as well as for some exceptional independently branded properties.


I’ve aquired my Master of Science (MSc) degree in Digital Marketing from the London School of Business and Finance (LSBF), and my Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Hospitality Administration/Management from Hotelschool of The Hague.


The diversity of my professional experience to date, as a result of working with different hotel brands and on many sides of the hotel business (OTA, affillition, hotel management, franchise and owner side) allows me to provide unique insight and add value to my clients.

Get the most out of your distribution strategy


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