In 2023, hotels should focus on a few key distribution trends to stay competitive and attract guests. These include:

  1. Emphasizing digital channels for bookings and communication with guests, such as through social media, websites and mobile apps.
  2. Leveraging data and analytics to understand guests’ preferences and habits, and tailor promotions and offerings accordingly.
  3. Offering flexible cancellation and modification policies to accommodate changing travel plans and build trust with guests.
  4. Investing in technology to streamline operations and enhance guest experiences, such as through automation and the use of virtual or augmented reality.
  5. Building partnerships and collaborations with other businesses, such as airlines, travel agencies, and online platforms, to expand reach and access to new guests.
  6. Emphasizing health and safety measures to ensure guests feel comfortable and safe during their stay.
  7. Emphasizing sustainability and eco-friendly practices to appeal to socially conscious guests.

What are some of the significant trends that you see for the new year?